Bootstrap Systems Ltd

About Bootstrap Systems


Bootstrap Systems Ltd is a small, one man company that I started in Autumn 2008 to meet clients' administrative requirements for contract programming work. Since then the company has served as a platform for meeting a variety of customer needs: programming, designing, training, and consulting.

I am now in a position to devote more of my time helping customers improve the quality of their development practices. I attribute two principal sources for this capability. The first source is a protracted exposure to producing quality software for numerous business settings. The second source is a long-term commitment to a set of understandings that may be called profound knowledge.

Behind the name

The term "Bootstrap" has various meanings and connotations which are mostly appropriate to the nature of the work I do, and my interests. However, the abiding image I have in relation to bootstrap is not of a particular technical function, but of a technical conception of a genetic process. That is, how a system develops organically and how (under the right circumstances) it can undergo qualitative transformations yielding an order of magnitude improvement in effectiveness.

Company Registration No: 06689163

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