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What, How & Why Considered Together

I thought this was an interesting talk from Liz Keogh. She makes a distinction between "building the right thing" and "building it right" and compares projects on these two dimensions.

Later into the talk Liz asserts that "building it right" is the best route towards achieving both. However, she doesn't back this up substantially. Although Liz identifies symptoms and patterns, the assumed progression from "building it right" to "building the right thing" is, in my view, wishful thinking.

The genetic view would be to take both dimensions together from the outset, which implicates an adequate unit of analysis defined by the dimensions of how a product is produced (and conceived of) and the values of its content (the product). Hence part of the issue of production is that it is often embroiled with a large degree of infrastructure, thereby making "expressing the thing right" rather difficult in practice.

It seems to me that there is a common confusion here between stable and reliable modes of production with "good practice". Much more than reliable production methods are required to "produce it right". They are not synonymous.

Many of these issues are implicated in a paper I wrote on methods for aligning software with business needs, which should hopefully be available later this year.

Posted by huw at 6 May 2016, 2:48 pm link